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Pottery is one of the famous oldest handicrafts. From prehistoric times, pottery was introduced in a huge amount by using potter’s wheel in various parts of the world. History of Pottery and ceramics still in fashion and make people go crazy about this amazing fact. Some people make kilns so that they can place their clay pots for firing and some people use this in their household work. It is basically ceramic act so that one can make pottery wares for any type of work. This majorly includes stoneware, porcelain and earthenware and place where these types of wares are made is called pottery. Potter used to make different sizes and shapes of ware so that one can easily make use of it and throws it in the earth. Pottery has many definitions but…show more content…
They started making various designer pots and vases. In their time potters was named as craftsmen. They make functional pots and vases so that they can make use objects for drinking and storing wine or either for olive oil. They also decorate their vases and pots by their Greek letters and mythology. The important invention in pottery making was “Potter’s Wheel”. Earlier slow wheel was used by craftsmen but in today world they use fast wheel which is spun on an axle. First they put a lump of clay on the wheel and then they gave a good spin to the wheel and this fast moving wheel helps them to make any type of material and shape. By the help of fast wheel craftsmen get a help in making their material in a faster rate and give their desired shape to the clay. The next another important achievement by craftsmen was potters start making porcelain and known by the name of fine china. They are extra delicate and very soft. This is created by white kaolin clay which is mixed with ground graphite and then fired in extremely very high temperature. As at the time when it gets introduced in the market this was quite expensive so craftsmen stared making glazes made of lead to look exactly like porcelain. This will help in transportation from one country to another. This adds a decorative product in pottery as well as made a porous ware to store anything in that

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