Work Life Happiness Research Paper

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The impact of Work-Life Happiness on Organizational Commitment and on Work-Life Balance Introduction: Purpose of this Report: The main purpose of this report is to study and analyze the problems that are associated with Work-Life Happiness. We did surveys to collect data from two different countries that is Turkey and Pakistan and have compare the data on different variables that will be Happiness, Organizational Commitment and Work Life Balance. In addition the report discusses the following: 1. The factors that affect the Work-Life Happiness such as Salary, Job Security, relation with the co-workers and others. 2. The importance of work-life balance for employees. 3. The importance of organizational commitment of employees for employers.…show more content…
Another approach is to measure the separate aspects of work that is salary, relation with co-workers and so on. Salary: Usually the first thing which been asked to an employee by their friends and relatives is the Salary. It is the cause of motivation, satisfaction and happiness related to work-life. But sometimes it is more a source of dissatisfaction rather than satisfaction. Salary matters more to some individuals than others. Those who are most concerned about it are men, younger workers, and those at lower levels in organizations, that is those who are paid less. People are more satisfied if they are getting paid more than their expectations but that usually doesn’t happen very often. And if the salary remains constant for a certain period of time then a person is less satisfied with their job and thus causes unhappiness in…show more content…
Professional Life means work and career and while the personal life includes everything excluding work life that is family, health, religion/spiritual, pleasure. In a recipe of a perfect happy life there is a balance in work and lifestyle. All the aspects and areas of our life required proper consideration and balance. A person cannot celebrate his promotion in job designation which is being rewarded for the commitment and overtime working in office when on the other hand his married life is affecting because of his long working hours. Or a person cannot enjoy the ride of a brand new car rewarded by the company when his health life is disturbed for not giving proper attention. Implementing a proper work-life balance gives many benefits and an unbalanced work and home life have many hazards. Some of the risks and benefits associated with work-life balance are discussed

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