Ghost In Hamlet

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HAMLET REVISITED THE SUMMARY: The story unfolds with the untimely death of king hamlet of Denmark, followed by a supernatural sighting by the the guards of the palace. After further enquiry , it was found that the ghost resembles king hamlet. Now, enters Prince hamlet, returning from his studies abroad. He is filled with hate and anger against his mother for marrying his uncle, who now sits on the throne. When the supernatural sighting was reported to hamlet by his trusted friend horatio, which resembles his father, hamlet starts to suspect some foul-play. He then meets this apparition, which commands him to avenge his death, for it was a murder and not a natural one. The apparition also names his assassin, who was no other than his brother and uncle of hamlet , claudius. hamlet then stages a play with a help of a few actors depicting the murder of a king by his brother. King Claudius walks out of the middle of the play, which proves hamlet's suspicion. On the same night, hamlet enters the king's chambers with a view of executing his plan, but when he sees the king praying, he feels that if I kill him now, he would go to heaven whereas my father will be stuck in purgatory forever. So he put his plans on hold and leaves. The king on suspects thing hamlet send two of his friends to spy on him. Later on…show more content…
The hamletian situation of ' to be or not to be ' talks about human nature. Shakespeare was inspired by the genre of Greek tragedies and how they portray human nature , which ultimately lead him to write the play. The qualities of the human race as mentioned in the play are very relevant in today's context. The race for power in corporate hierarchy is a very good example, employees on regular basis try to outdo the rest , so as to raise high in the corporate ladder. Jealousy , anger , backstabbing are very much present in the corporate world and are ways in one's quest to acquire
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