Importance And Importance Of Career Planning

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Career planning is a lifelong process which incorporates landing a position, taking a shot at our skills, discovering our desires from life and notwithstanding retiring. There might dependably be conceivable changes in life on the grounds that our long-term and short-term plans may not coordinate. We can't generally control things from outside, for example, family, friends or medical problems, however once we make a career arrangement, it keeps going beyond what many would consider possible. Toward the finish of the way, I need to perceive as a successful individual who accomplished every one of the goals he planned and left a constructive impression in individuals' lives. I should fill in as hard as I can to understand that recognition and…show more content…
According to author, in 1997, about $12 billion were spent in business industry of United States in area of business consultation and today’s business industry is focusing more in areas of consultation. Here the author has generated a good interest for the readers by defining the consultant and importance of business consultation in American business industry. Another important point which is discussed by the author is the requirements needed to become a consultant. Author has described the different requirements such as qualifications, licensing, up to date knowledge, creating networks and establishment of short and long term goals. These requirements are related to the achievement of my goal so that is why the discussion of each requirement is very useful for me and all other readers who want to become a business consultant in future. Although author has mentioned almost all requirements but I think that this part of article should also include the personal skills and educational requirements which are needed to become a good…show more content…
This part of the article is well organized and flow of the information is very good because each and every point discussed in this article is very easy to understand for all type of readers. The points regarding the type of consulting businesses are very important and informative towards the achievement of my goals because this section helps me to understand that what kind of consulting business I can start in future. After that the author has described the reasons due to which companies or businesses hire a consultant. Author has described ten different reasons and each reason is affirming the required personal skills that a person should have as a good consultant. Furthermore this discussion of reasons of hiring business consultants is also revealing the duties that are performed by a consultant in a company. This discussion of reasons is also related to my achievement of goals because it helps me to understand that in which ways companies needs the consultants and what are the responsibilities of

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