Talent Management Strategy

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According to Barney (1991) the firm’s resource is of strategic importance and that resource must be valuable, rare, inimitable and non-sustainable. It is important that organisations must identify and recognise talent. Talent management is a business strategy and must be fully integrated within all of the employee related process of the organisations. When handled strategically talent management flows from the organisations mission, vision, values, objectives and goals. Then it enables every employee to see where they are fitting in the organisation. In return employees are then able to participate in the overall direction of the company. Leaders in the field of talent management should maintain skilled workforce because organisations are unable…show more content…
Because of organisational transformation and change in the demographics of the workforce and the competition to attract and retain talented people means that the organisation has to put forward a powerful story about the prospects and opportunities that exist within its boundaries. The creation of a culture shared by all focused on putting the customer first. Effective talent management can contribute to identification and development of leaders through fundamental standards, accountability of leaders and senior managers, transparency and condor in the organisation and the enhancement of leadership recruitment, education, training and support. (Francis 2013). Most employees are looking for ways to improve their own performance – whether through enhanced collaboration or greater opportunities for skill development. Organisations believe they are already making progress in developing their talent management strategies and making investments in this area. In terms of organisations understanding their skills composition of the workforce, and to deploy resources, foster collaboration and developmental…show more content…
Oracle talent management cloud was developed using a holistic approach so that human resource leaders can manage everything from recruiting, compensation, and goal and performance management to employee learning and talent review in a single, cohesive SaaS-based system. They came up with a holistic approach to talent management solutions that will assist human resource’s organisation to address the challenges they are facing today. With its holistic approach you

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