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The Writing Center and Career Services Network This paper will address the benefits associated here at Kaplan University. This paper will identify four or more resources and services from the Kaplan University Writing Center and two or more services provided form the Career Services Center. I will then explain how each of the resources and services play importance in my career field. The Career Services Network, here at Kaplan University offer resume and cover letter reviews. Having a professional resume is the first meeting between you and the perspective employer. The Career Services Network is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We as students are allowed to schedule time to meet with a career specialist to address out career concerns. Preparing a resume is an important step in my career because it is always the first step in finding a good job. Cover letters proves to the employer how interested you are in the job. A cover letter is the first impression in the hiring process, and its only human nature to favor a cover letter that is brief, easy to read, non-cookie cutter and compelling. (Davis-Ali, 2013) The Career Services Network also offers job search support, and helps with employment related needs. According to Career Services…show more content…
I think this will be a great resource that I will use often throughout my education here at Kaplan. The Kaplan University writing center paper review services, allows students to submit their paper. A writing center tutor will then review the writing and provide useful feedback. This resource will help me throughout my career here at KU, because positive feedback about my writing will allow me to write more professionally during my education. Students should meet with their professors or some college advisor to review strong points and weak points of assignments (Carter, 2008). This will give me the opportunity as well to learn from my mistake and correct
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