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UCAS Personal Statement It has been said that money makes the world go around. Although true, the impact that technology and computing has on society is of greater or equal measure. The last ten years has saw the rise of social media and mobile computing which has enabled the citizens of the world to communicate like never before. Creative ideas and otherwise hidden artists have bloomed from platforms such as YouTube. Computers have magically transformed the world in a way that would have seemed impossible 30 years prior. From a very young age I have been fascinated by the internet. It instantly replaced the Encyclopaedias that I once treasured. Back then I wanted to find out everything there was to know about Computers and my interest only…show more content…
Whilst taking a Computing, Multimedia and Business course at college. I have gained a lot of insight into the finer details of computing which has in turn increased my confidence in programming, design, planning and communication skills related to computing. This experience has given me a good idea about the career options that are open to me in the future. The course has given me the ability to work in groups and improve my core communication skills along with essential time management and planning skills through completing projects in groups with my peers. Studying business alongside computing has given me a solid background in both subjects. Having knowledge of both subjects is crucial in the career I wish to pursue so I hope that is has increased my chances of eventually getting my desired job. In my spare time I design websites for local businesses and help market them by ranking them high in the search results on Google. I am no stranger to dealing with clients and making sure their vision of their business is communicated clearly is always my top priority. This has taught me many valuable and applicable skills in the field of Business and Computing that I feel will transfer extremely well into my studies and future

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