Why Diversity Is Important To Me

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My life in high school has gone fairly well for me. But, at times it was challenging even completing my school assignments, because of other stuff I had to address. I managed to overcome all the obstacles I had to face. This goes to show you that if you just put your mind to it anything can be accomplished. And, this is exactly what I had to do. To be honest, I'm not just an ordinary African American student but more than that. I am ambitious, and dedicated to achieve my goals that I have set for myself and will fight my way to the top. If you have this kind of mentality, then no one or anything can stop you from reaching where you want to be at. My parents have been an important part in my life. They’ve pushed me to be successful each and…show more content…
Diversity is much more than just your race, ethnicity, and gender. Well, diversity can really be important when it comes to meeting different people that you don’t even know. This is the perfect place you have the opportunity to have interaction with people from diverse groups. Communicating with people from different groups widens your social circle with whom you can associate and develop relationships with. A problem that could affect the importance of diversity is students not having the ability to share their viewpoints with other students. You see, not having diversity at a college could make you less of a sociable person. Going to a college with a diverse population of students would provide me the opportunity to share my hobbies, ethnicity, and background with those students that can do the same for me. I would learn a lot from various exposure of different types of people. In my perspective socializing with people different than myself would help me have a close bond with those people. Also, doing this could increase the level of my education. Having a close relationship with different diverse groups would give me the ability to exchange my beliefs and ideas that I believe

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