The History Of Rape Culture

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If I were to define rape, it would be the act of forcibly committing unwanted actions to a person. It is not limited to physical penetration but is also emotionally impacting in nature. It is an act that should be horribly frowned upon in our society. Discussions about the intricacies of Rape are often politically motivated and are very diverse in nature. Rape falls under the topic of non-material culture. A subgenre of non material-culture called “Rape Culture” was coined in the 1970s by feminists. (Maxwell, 2014).“In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable… However… much of what we accept as inevitable is in fact the expression of values and attitudes that can change.” (Buchwald, 1993).…show more content…
Take in the Philippines for example, wherein the Spanish ruled for 300 years, there exist a culture of irrational male privilege, and that women that do not conform to the traditional stereotypes of women (such as wearing shorts or revealing clothing) are "asking for it" and "deserve to be raped" for invoking the sexual nature of the male class. Moreover, men preferred to marry devirginized women as to avoid physiological problems. (Tablan , 2012, 49). This therefore could have caused the aliping kinadalagahan.-a special type of alipin tasked to deflower brides-to-be; although there is not much written proof available of the aliping kinadalagahan’s true purpose and…show more content…
I suggest we highly shape up the younger generation’s ideas regarding sexual harassment. Values, like culture, is something to be passed down and to be practiced. Victim blaming and rape apologists must come to its absolute end. One cannot be “too carried away” by the moment. This applies to sexual harassment as well. Harassment comes in many forms, from simple hand gestures, to words that protrude the heart with annoyance and distress. It’s not just sexual, or verbal, or whatever you can think of, it’s actually a deeper and worse form of bullying as well. It is NOT something to be made fun of; and this is what every human being breathing should take into

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