Accident In Construction Industry Essay

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2.0 Problem Statement According to the statistic in Annual Report 2000 to 2013, Social Security Organization (SOCSO), the numbers of accident in construction industry keep increasing. It was increase from 4,873 to 5,908. Accident in construction industry also the highest compared to the other industries. Recently, we always heard about accident at construction site likes structures collapse, falling from height and that accidents involved with death of workers. Because of that, everybody who involve with construction industry including client representative, consultant, developer, and contractor should take a responsibility to minimize accident in construction site and focuses on the safety improvement. Accident will happened base on the…show more content…
1 - 4 LOW Considered acceptable and further reduction may not be necessary. Table 1.1: Table of Risk Matrix Legend: High Medium Low Source: Department of Occupational, Safety, and Health (2008). 7.0 Expected Findings 1. The list of the hazards and causes in construction industry will be identified at the end of the research. 2. The mechanism to improve safety in construction site will be identified after make a risk assessment. The risk assessment always depends on level of hazards and the root causes of accident. References 1. Ahmad Zakir bin Ibrahim (2012) 2. Dayang Nailul Munna Abang Abdullah and Gloria Chai Mei Wern., “An Analysis of Accidents Statistic in Malaysia Construction Sector. 2010 International Conference E-business, Management and Economics. IPEDR vol.3 (2011). 3. Abdul Rahim Abdul Hamid, Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid, Bachan Singh (2008) Causes of Accidents at Construction Sites. Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering 20(2):

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