Importance Of Recruitment Process

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The process of selection of qualified employees to work with one of the factors of layout and composition of the labour force and affect their ability to achieve the stated goals of the Organization, if one organization was able to get the capacity and competency of individuals, other organizations will have the limited qualified individuals and that will affect the levels of its work. Therefore, the hiring process is one of the most important human resource management activities as they aim to provide the best elements of drain and excellent qualifications and important human resources management recruitment process in preventing or reducing hiring wrong person which will cost too much organization in addition to the costs to the Organization…show more content…
The organization is a social formation in which material and human elements interact in the context of the Organization to achieve the desired objectives, but this configuration is contingent primarily on the effectiveness of the human element, the availability of expertise and skills who can taken advantage of physical elements, organizational and push it in the direction you maximize efficiency. Hence the importance of the composition of the human element and the need to develop sound and provide them with the necessary skills and abilities to perform the work and provide a favorable environment. The process of selection and recruitment of personnel the most important step in the formation of a workforce capable of performing after confining the types and number of jobs and number of occupants after analyzing those jobs and know their requirements and conditions for subsequent phase performance they chose individuals…show more content…
2) The bad choice of management failure factors while good check ensures success and reach the highest possible productivity. 3) Good choice leads to lower absenteeism. 4) Reduce turnover any compensation for lost manpower due reference to pension or move to other jobs.5. Configure the productive labor force enjoy a high degree of satisfaction .6. Detect the most appropriate elements to appropriate positions according to their abilities and skills. 7. The efficiency of the selection process will help in giving people management capability index in determining promotions and training policy. 8. Check policy is an extension of policy planning process and polarization of the workforce as a factor influencing future training policy. 9. Highlights the importance of choice through access to problems arising from poor selection and appointment which notably improper check which cause many inconveniences to the Organization and thus additional

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