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Powerful tools include the use of coercion, threats, punishment, and any other means necessary to achieve teamwork. Dr. Clayton Christiansen describes how it molds children as well as in a corporation. In my parents’ house, this was their choice when my siblings and I were out of line. It would usually start with a series of threats. When threats were not taken seriously, it would be followed by immediate punishment. Dr. Christiansen in his HBR article, “How Will You Measure Your Life?” explains that these tools shaped a culture with some significant traits. The three traits developed from my home culture is dependability, integrity, and perseverance. Being dependable is a great trait for my work life culture. It was established through a series of constant responsibility placed on me by my parents. My eldest brother was always at work, and would not get back till early in the morning. This caused the responsibilities of him to fall to me. In a household of nine you really had to pull your…show more content…
The ability to push through in tough times and still achieve your goal. When Dr. Christiansen talks about how self-esteem and confidence has to be developed when you were young. My parents could not have agreed more. In my parents’ house there was no such thing as the easy route. And you had to work hard for every penny you earned. There were times when I would look at others, and their parents weren’t pushing them as hard. However, when I look at where they are and where I am. There really is no comparison. This caused to have the discipline to bunker down to study when I did not have an understanding of something, instead of going to a party that weekend. In my career choice entry level’s work long hours, and sometimes over the weekend to make deadlines. And career path to the top is a long one. With the perseverance I have developed from my home culture. I know the only limit is my

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