Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury was a very interesting novel from the beginning to the end. The author uses many different literary devices to outline his point of view and perspective about the society that he lived in. Throughout reading the novel, there are many different literary devices that structure the novel. The major literary device of the novel is theme of censorship. Good thesis, so as you move on throughout the paper, each paragraph must support this ideas in some way as well as provide credible source material to strengthen your argument. Censorship according to the Shorter Oxford Dictionary, a censor is “an official whose duty it is to inspect books, journals, plays, etc., before publication, to ensure that they shall…show more content…
The setting takes place after World War II. The society that is depicted in this novel shows that the culture was shifted from people who were less knowledgeable with critical thinking, but more technology based. Many people lived in fear about what may happen in the world after the war. People begin to crowd around televisions and radios to understand the changes that America was facing. The government in this novel plays an important role on how the society is brainwashed to have a different perspective on the type of education and facts they could be learning with one another. Based on reading the novel Remembr to add commas after intro phrases and clauses the author Rad Bradbury suggests many different viewpoints of the overall theme of censorship. The society that is transpired in the novel reflects the message of people that approve of simply everything that is entertaining should be censored. People throughout the novel fear themselves as individuals and only want to develop a certain lifestyle by interacting with people in the community. The community is basically made up of people that fear learning information for books because it would possibly deter the mindset of everyone in the community. Many characters throughout the novel give away the concept of the overall theme of censorship. You have some good ideas here on society and the government, but where is the source material to strengthen your argument. You must include MLA

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