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Wroth describes the hopeless/pessimistic and destructive side of love which she thinks most men will offer towards women as she herself experience a very miserable side of love and she portrays that experience in a form of a poem. She paints a picture of love that most of us do no think about and through this poem she expresses the saying that your partner will always disappoint you and warns us to not have high expectations. In a way she warns us, she advises us to hide away our vulnerabilities under a really hard shell because she believes that love (that is offered by a man towards woman) is a feeling that should be not be easily trusted and given in to because eventually it will turn your back on you. She portrays love as 'a child ever crying" -immature, whimsical, insatiable, endless- which in reality is the truth. throughout the poem, she exhibits traces of feelings of rejection and pain by using harsh words like 'deceive' and highlights the demanding nature of love. She implies that she gave her all but didn't receive it back in return and instead he craved for more. A means for men to fulfill their own desires and needs rather than satisfy whatever needs and desires their female partner(s) could have. Upon further analysis, it could be said that the poem represents a one sided relationship. "What…show more content…
This feeling can take over our lives and represent itself in every action that we do. Love is accepting the other person as they are and not asking them to be someone else.When you are truly in love with a person you are free to really be yourself without worrying that the other person is judging you and being critical of you. Love is to see a person's flaws and to love them anyway. Love is not always passionate, but accepting. It is an agreement between two people to honor and take care of each other no matter

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