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Some pet owners are confused if raw dog treats are healthy for their pets or just another deadly fad? Read more to prevent your dog from becoming a victim. Raw diets and treats for dogs are becoming popular and controversial as well. Traditional vets and even some owners believe that dogs can thrive on raw food diet since it is the original diet before canine became domesticated. Their most common foods before include meaty bones, raw meat, crops and vegetables. Canines have long eaten raw foods and are known carnivorous. No wonder there are also raw dog treats in the market nowadays and this is because some dog experts strongly suggest that the practice of eating raw foods should be extended to domesticated dogs. Is eating raw dog food and treats harmful to dogs? We cannot answer this issue…show more content…
We are what we eat right? The Pros of Raw Diet Although there are plenty of issues surrounding raw diets, it also has its supporters. According to Doug Knueven, DVM, of the Beaver Animal Clinic, “For most animals, it’s more beneficial than processed foods”. This is due to the fact that some commercial foods for dogs can lack fiber that can also cause constipation in dogs. Some are also rich in additives and preservatives. The Bones and Raw Food Diet or BARF Diet is a feeding diet suggested by Ian Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian. He is also the author of the book Give Your Dog a Bone which emphasizes the health benefits or raw food diets to dogs. Commercially processed raw foods are also a combination of grains, fruits, vegetables and protein meat source making it “more natural” food for dogs. However, some pet owners tend to think that raw food diets make their dogs hard to poop. The thing is that dogs that are into raw foods will produce hard balls of poop that crumbles easily. No stinkier, wet poops because that only happens if doggie is

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