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Internship Report on An Analysis of Employee Engagement by PRATHIBHA M P USN: 4GM13MBA36 Submitted to VISVESVARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, BELAGAVI In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Under the guidance of INTERNAL GUIDE EXTERNAL GUIDE Mr. Madhusudana V S Mr. Dhananjaya K H Asst. Prof., Dept. of MBA Manager HR GM Institute of Technology Infiniti Retail Ltd Davangere Bengaluru Department of MBA GM Institute of Technology Post Box No. 4, P B Road, Davangere – 577 006 (Batch: 2013-2015) DECLARATION I, PRATHIBHA M P, hereby declare that the Internship report entitled “An Analysis of Employee Engagement” with reference to “Infiniti Retail (P) Ltd. Bengaluru” prepared by…show more content…
They are organized by divisions that include several clothing categories, cosmetics and accessories, jewelry, household goods, furniture, kitchenware. Each department has a manager, and there are store designers and decorators, plant maintenance and cleaning divisions, store security and more. Warehouse Stores: Known as "big box" stores, these giants carry products in bulk. Products include clothing, automotive parts, sports equipment, nursery plants, toys, bedding, electronics--and even groceries. Some stores require annual memberships that offer discounts. Others are just huge discount operations. Warehouse stores may train employees for multiple departments and shift you from one area to another as needed. Grocery Stores: Mom 'n' pop groceries, national chains, organic specialists, corner delis--grocery stores come in all flavors. Departments may include a bakery, deli, produce, meat and floral. Grocery stores jobs vary, from bagging and stocking to working behind the deli counter, in customer service or at the cash register. Some grocers offer delivery services, and others…show more content…
Such collaborations can be a major contributor to the success of a company. 1. Unify the Experiences: Conduct an employee engagement survey in order to find the factors responsible for engaging and disengaging employees. Unify the common experience and problems and design employee engagement strategies accordingly. Sharing of feedback in written is one way of communicating the experiences and problems. 2. Evolving Through Open Communication: Open communication or face to face communication in the form of discussion can really help in bringing the various issues and identifying the main problems in the organization. An Analysis of Employee Engagement at Infiniti Retail Ltd, Bengaluru. Department of MBA, GMIT. Davangere. Page 28 It is very essential to establish a proper communication where everyone can put their views and suggest a solution too. 3. Providing Proper Communication Channels: Some employees are comfortable with face to face communication styles whereas there are some who want to give feedbacks and suggestions in written. Discovering the best channel of communication and establishing a proper route to share feedbacks and views plays a vital role. 4. Enabling Conversion

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