Importance Of Organizational Behavior In The Workplace

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Understanding the way that people and groups interact in the workplace is important in being able to create positive organizational change. Organizational Behavior defines as how employees act as individuals within the company and how they interact as part of work groups. You need to be able to identify types of organizational behavior in the workplace in order to monitor the way in which your company functions. Managerial control over an organization is a critical part of organizational behavior, the type of managerial control you choose for your organization will affect how you maintain policy. If you do not allow interaction from the staff, you could be blinding yourself to important input that would allow your company to run more smoothly. The management team is asked to enforce the company's ethical code when it comes to interacting with employees, treating customers and doing business with vendors. A company that creates and uses a strong ethical policy will notice that the ethic affects organizational behavior in the workplace. Developing a corporate culture where every employee is accountable for her actions can have a positive effect on staff behavior. Workplace harassment is one of the negative organizational behaviors…show more content…
Areas of valuable input include group dynamics, design of work teams, organiza¬tional culture, formal organization theory and structure, bureaucracy, communica¬tions, status, power, conflict, and work/life balance. Social psychology is an area within psychology, blending con¬cepts from psychology and sociology. It focuses on the influence of people on one another, a major area of concern change how to implement it and how to reduce barriers to its acceptance. Areas of significant contributions are in measuring, understanding, and changing attitudes, communication patterns, the ways in which group activities can satisfy individual needs, and group decision-making

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