Generative Moments

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Generative moments are the peak of a coaching session because it is marked by high energy that is a function of getting ready for a new act or peaceful calmness that results from the new way of thinking. Generative moments occur when the client is aroused during the journey of change and growth. Relational flow is another way to define generative moments it occurs when both the coach and the client are being in sync engaged in generative independent collaborate communications. Intuitive dance is the dynamics that occur between the coach and the client it is the zone where they are at the highest level of skill and awareness. Therefore the intuitive dance of coaching is what the relational flow is based on. Since it is the basis where the coach…show more content…
It is the result of self-motivation which starts the process of I want to do it. These twin engines are the essence of change. Since coaching is a growth promoting relationship it elicits motivation in order to increase the capacity to change and facilitate the change process. The coach will use visioning, goal setting, and accountability which is the optimal result for the relationship to have a sustainable positive change. The coach and the client both need to accomplish building self-efficacy and should try to be in sync towards starting new habits and skills. Taking actions towards goals and focusing on making changes into habits that will increase the likelihood of reaching the goals set in a plan. Both the coach and the client should work towards a sustainable habit or skill and learn to appreciate and embrace goal achievement. It is important to remember that the coach is responsibility to drive their client to commit to…show more content…
The importance of self-efficacy in coaching was proposed by Wakkee, Elfring, and Monaghan (2010). In this study they explored how coaching first reduces role conflicts associated with acting entrepreneurial and at the same time improving efficiency and reducing failure. In addition, how it increased the entrepreneurial self-efficacy of employees. Building on previous conceptual and empirical studies on entrepreneurship, social psychology and human resource management we formulate several hypotheses concerning the relationship between self-efficacy, coaching and entrepreneurial behavior of account managers that are tested in the context of a large service organization operating in the financial sector. The results confirmed the importance of

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