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INTRODUCTION Science Education In this technological age, science subdues and even drives societies with its ideas and products and it is very likely that the impact of science and technology on people’s lives will persist to exist and increase in the coming years. Through science, the way people think shifts to a more critical approach. Frequently, science has been recognized to be of great significance because of its connection to technology, which, in a government perspective, is a priority area for economic development (Elkington, 2015). This is possibly the reason why many countries have embedded the very sense of science in their respective educational system so as to let all citizens be enabled of active participation in modern societies.…show more content…
The additional two years for the senior high school as part of the implementation of K to 12 curriculum is another challenge that the Philippine Educational System has to endure since the requirement for more classrooms and instructional materials will have to be addressed right away. The ultimate goal of teaching is to provide appropriate and effective instruction to students and, in turn, promoting effective learning. It is henceforth expected that a Science teacher to devise and provide the essential materials to execute scientific concepts in classes, thus easing the abovementioned problems on scarce funds for science instruction. Inadequacy of instructional materials have been particularly raised by Ogbu (2015) as the main factor affecting the teaching and learning…show more content…
As stipulated in the DepEd Order No. 39, s. 2012, interventions have to be made in order to address learning gaps. The use of Strategic Intervention Material, or SIM as it is commonly called, is identified as one of the suggested various intervention form that can bridge learning gaps. SIM is a remediation aid for the students at the level of their understanding and thereby increasing their academic achievement. SIM was defined by (Bunagan, (2012) as meant to re-teach the concepts and least mastered skills, and in this study the science concepts and skills. It is a material given to students to aid in the mastery of competency-based skills which they were not able to develop in regular classroom instructions. SIM is a multifaceted approach to aid the students, especially those who are non-performing to become independent and successful

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