Mcdonald's Public Relations Case Study

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McDonald's fights back Islamist boycott threat discussion and evaluation To determine whether a public relations or PR, is essential to the success of these companies, McD must first understand the purpose and goal of this public relations. Through good public relations and orderly, it can help in the effort to solve the problem, this is because the PR professional will give full attention to building the brand for the company and maintain the image of the company stigmatized by society and has a negative perspective in branding their products. Public relations also serves as a management tool able to assess public attitudes and identifies policies and procedures of an individual or an organization of public interest, and plans to implement…show more content…
PR should have the skills to communicate in various ways with the target market. McD can also communicate about new products, spread the news of the company or make an important announcement. This is intended to ensure that people are aware and conscious in their food to make sure the option is free from any negative impact. For example can be seen, McD always looked serious in every issue arising among its customers. Examples of issues that can be seen that arise are Halal issue, donating funds to state that anti Islam such as United States, Israel and so on. Besides mcd should also understand more about what is desired by the customer. This customer is someone that as a source of revenue to the company. If McD have bad relationship with their customer, then this will give a response that is not good for the company. Besides, mcd should also understand what is demanded by customers. For example, it is clear as a customer would want to have the best product and service of the company as well as free of any negative assumptions that may affect relationship to the company and its…show more content…
For example, the issue of donation funds, McD also have contributed funds or assistance to Islamic countries such as basic items such as clothing, food and beverage and so on. This is obviously to ensure that people do not misunderstanding and not looking bad against this company. Besides, mcd should also inform the public of these activities to ensure that they do not have a negative presumption against mcd. Furthermore, after what has been done by McD, someone or individuals involved should be responsible for ensuring that any action taken is in line with the objective set. This can be done by appointing a qualified person to control every activity involved and ensure that action is taken to change people's perception of mcd. Action planning is a process that will help mcd to focus ideas and help to decide on the steps you should take to achieve certain goals that McD may have. It is a statement of what McD want to accomplish in a given time period. Other than the action to be taken, McD should also emphasize that policy will be used to solve problems that arise. This is aims to ensure that similar problems will not happen again. Besides, with seriously in policy that will be used will help McD in making a decision to a more effective and efficient. For example, McD can also identify alternative

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