How Do Families Affect The Family

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Bria S Grissom SOC1001 M/W 6pm 1. Families are relationships of people who live together and care for any young children, and think of each other as one unit. Sociologists believe families are essential to the growth of children and are the most important. It starts from the home and before children are even born, the family is prepping for the arrival of their new family member. The way a child is raised will greatly determine the kind of person the child will grow up to be, and other outside factors, such as school, and work, will have an impact but not as much as the family. Traditional families are anything but these days. For example, my family consists of me, my wife, and our dog. We both work and we both maintain the bills and household.…show more content…
Middle or low class families use their community resoucres and because of that are a lot closer than those in upper class. The families and villages in the India or Africa are able to go to one another when they need something. In upper class families, if you dont already have something you are look down upon, like you are less than because you may be lacking in resouces. Some changes to the American family are that over the decades, the prices have gone up on everything; houses, food, electricity and gas, but the wages have not kept up, causing mothers to have to start working, and may families have dramatically slowed down in births. More families are most likely waiting until they are financially ready to being children in the world; while others that aready have children are not planning on having anymore in the near future. 40 hour work weeks are usually surpassed as it is not enough to support a household, espcially when there is a single parent. Sometimes with two working parents there are still late nights and eaarly morning just to make sure there is food on the table. Also, since a lot more jobs are hiring more educated persons, men and women are going to school and getting the education needed to support their
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