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Changing locations can be difficult for anyone. Not only does it affect you emotionally, but it can affect your lifestyle, traditions, and even culture. Especially over time, things eventually change and it can be difficult for you. Even if your family accepts the changes doesn’t mean you accept them as well. Accepting change can be hard, sometimes even impossible because you believe those changes are unfair. Which means you might not ever accept them. Sometimes changing your setting or moving can affect your life in way that you never thought was possible or change something that you never thought would change. Like a friendship, or your social life, your academic life etc. “When Sergei got to Israel and then moved to Jaffa, his family couldn’t wrap their heads around it.”Sergei Goralick moved from Russia to Jaffa a city in Israel. Sergei and his family now had to adapt to their new life in Jaffa. Sergei was born and raised in…show more content…
My oldest sister Esmeralda live in Chicago since she was born up to the age of 10. My parents and her moved to Santa Ana, California when she had just turned 10. California and Chicago are really different places, they are pretty much opposites. She had to change schools get used to different teachers, she had to make different friends not just in school but also in the neighborhood. Then by 11 she had to move from Santa Ana to the city of Anaheim because I was born and my parents decided to get a bigger apartment for all of us.My oldest sister was the only one who had entered school so it was easy for everyone else to move some where else. She basically had to start all over again for a second time. Luckily my dad’s family lived in Anaheim and my cousins were the same age and in the same grade so it wasn’t as difficult for her to make new friends because my cousins were there and they introduced her to their

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