Physician Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay

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A little girl lays on a cold hospital bed; her parents are told her body is being ravaged by tay-sachs disease. They are told that she will be deaf, blind, unable to swallow, have constant seizures, and eventually will become paralyzed. The best case scenario she will die at the age of 4. The parents decide to request physician assisted suicide; however, they can’t because they live in a state where physician assisted suicide is illegal. Now they must watch they’re little girl suffer instead. The death with dignity law is only “legal in four U.S. states and in one county of a fifth state” (CNN). Even though a person’s life is their own, some people would rather believe that it is better to be kept alive than to have a physician help you commit suicide. There are many reasons for a person to opt to support physician assisted suicide. Some of the reasons include: People have the right to die with dignity, the cost of healthcare would reduce, and the patient’s family’s pain will not be prolonged. The most logical reason to allow physician assisted suicide would dignity to the patient. The right of…show more content…
Keeping a patient on life support is so much more expensive than allowing them to die. The National Institute of Health states that in the America “according to one estimate, end-of-life care accounts for about 10-12% of all healthcare spending” There would be no need spend so much money on a person who wishes to die. The average amount a day a person’s family must pay is “[at] minimum, $2,000-$4,000 per day and can run much higher depending on the patient’s condition.” (Washington Post) While the price of keeping patients alive are in the thousands, per day, the cost of the drugs for physician assisted suicide is $35.00. In conclusion, the only accomplishment form keeping a person on life support is that it brings the United States of American closer to the brink of

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