The Importance Of Alcoholism In My Family

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A member in my family has an illness, not like most illnesses that come to mind, such as cancer or other diseases. This illness affects my family's lives. Most people don´t understand how it can affect others, but it does affect like how most sicknesses do. Many people suffer from this illness. This illness is alcoholism. I never truly understood why this illness occurred, mostly because I was so young at the time. My questions began when I was around six. I remember this event like it was just yesterday. This family member had left to,of course, buy alcohol, and I was oblivious of what was happening. ¨[This family member] had left me.¨ I told my father. He had asked and this person responded with ¨Oh, she's lying.¨ I cried, I couldn´t believe they would say that. After this event, I became more cautious with this person and their actions. As years went by, things had just gotten worse, I found little bottles of…show more content…
They became angry at my aunts, grandmother, and my father, sometimes running away or one time stayed in their room and nobody saw them for about three weeks. I felt upset, I really thought things would have changed, but it stayed the same as before. The events I used to come home to returned. . Another time, my father and I came home from my track practice, when I walked into the kitchen I said “OH MY GOSH.” The dishwasher was flooded, it must have been since it was started. The family member was passed out in the living room from drinking too much, they must have started it wrong, causing it to flood the kitchen. This event was just one of the many I would deal with daily. These events ended around when I was in eighth grade, when this family member left. However, most of them replay in my head and I tend to think what I could have done to prevent them. I prayed and ask why this would happen to me and if I could do something to stop this, but I realized I

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