Teacher And Me Reflection

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Reflection by ME2 Wang Zhenxiang The Leader, The Teacher and “Me” was introduced to the Leaders as a pre-JLC course requirement. As the title suggested this book is for “Me”, and I began reading to find out what in it for me. For the start, it is quite interesting that I had to read through quite a lot of Affirmation before actually getting into the content of the book itself. The layout of the book is interesting with the quote on every other page for the quick reading. However I felt that reading the gist does not help you to understand the actual intention that the writers wanted to express. The Challenges at the beginning of each chapter shared with us simple stories and concept to tickle our mind and bring us back to the basic. Like many Leadership books, it focuses on positive propaganda. The writer Siong Guan Lim shared his experience during this tour…show more content…
Competency is part of the SAF Leadership Competency Model however we cannot reach a state of complacency if not we will fall into a state o unconscious. I will constantly be aware to the changes in the environment and adapt to it. I totally agreed with the topic on Energise. Each individual must be energise with what they’re doing. To make sure that I can have my juniors engaged and interested in the work, it is important for me to explain and constantly remind they that are playing and important role in the tasking. Challenge 11, wanted me to empathise with others. Yes it is important when someone make a mistake, apart from the person learning the lesson; I must too take time to empathise with the person situation. In future I will spend more time to interact and understand the mistake and try to help the person to overcome the challenges. However, if it is a constant problem, I will also accept the book recommendation to help the person
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