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Low Protein Dog Food Dog is basically an animal with a specific metabolism system, which needs nutrients and requires good diet in order to maintain healthy condition and survive. In some cases, a veterinarian may suggest you to feed your dog with low protein food for some reasons. A healthy dog needs approximately twenty-five percent protein in the diet. As the name suggests, this type of food contains lower level of protein compared to the normal one. The low protein dog food is also commercially available in canned or dry varieties, but you may need to have a prescription from a veterinarian before you can purchase the food. Why a Dog Needs Low Protein Diet Some people think that low protein diet is necessary as the dog is growing old. Regardless of…show more content…
Put them in a bowl and mix with the entire ingredients. Refrigerate any leftover in an airtight container. This food contains approximately 600 kcal, so it should be perfect for any 18 lbs. dog. The mentioned recipes are indeed very easy to make, but you must consult a veterinarian before you prepare any of them for your dog. Please put in mind that when a dog requires a low protein diet, the animal is not in a perfect healthy state. Some types of foods and ingredients may worsen the problems. A veterinarian should be able to inform you about the best suitable types of foods that will help to fully recover the dog’s health condition. It is also important to check your dog’s medical history before preparing meals for the pet. Buying Low Protein Dog Food: 5 Factors to Consider As mentioned earlier, low protein dog food is available commercially. In fact, such food is manufactured in several different varieties including dry and canned. There are also many brands, but you cannot choose any of them randomly. Some essential factors to consider when purchasing low protein food for your dogs are listed as

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