How Family Has Changed The Family Essay

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In the today's society, we are living in, it is hard to realize how much family has changed. We get caught up in our own world that often we do not pause and reflect on life. Looking at the demographics and interaction families have together is important. Overall, this is what influences the next generation. The topic about how the family has changed is a broad statement, so in this paper, we will delve into that topic. Looking back to family life about 100 years ago, it was drastically different than today. Watching the movie Sarah, Plain and Tall we got a glimpse of marriage, children, and romance back then. Marriage was more based on the ability to work and not on romance. Also, it was more likely to end in death than divorce. Death was more common back then and since marriage was less romantic it was easier to find a 'replacement' for the missing spouse. A…show more content…
The first sociologist that I am going to talk about is David Popenoe. His main statement is about how the family is declining. Going on he gives a few reasons on why he thinks it is deteriorating. He notices that in a typical family there are fewer children and an increase in both parents out of the home. Looking at marriage, he sees a rise in divorce and postponement of marriage causing a rise in cohabitation. I agree with what Popenoe is saying because millennials are now selfish. They either are traveling or saving up money so that they are financially stable. A large amount of people sees children and marriage as a weight in life that is holding them back instead of raising and setting up the next generation. When the number of children declines, it affects the economics of the present and future. Fewer children mean less child-related jobs when those kids are young and growing up. Also, affecting the future where not every job will fill up because there is a decline in

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