Why Do Cats Are Better Pets

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Garfield opened his eyes to the soft light filtering in through the window. He was king of his castle, and his human would be there soon to feed him. This is a common scene in houses across America. More cats are being adopted and loved by people every day. In this way, people have started to realize that cats make great pets. Cats are amazing pets because they are self sufficient, independent, and loving. Cats are better pets than other domestic animals because they can take care of themselves. To begin, some people believe that cats are needy, but Johnson’s research states that cats are solitary creatures who do not need their humans in order to survive (Johnson 45). A cat can exist without a human to take care of it. Stray cats do it every day. Furthermore, cats do not need “the trappings of humanity, such as litter boxes, food dishes, and hairbrushes” to live (“Cats: God’s Gift to Mankind”). A cat in the wild does not have any of these things, and they still get along…show more content…
To begin, people who do not own cats like to say that they depend on their human for everything and become despondent if left alone for longer than a few minutes. However, those who have cats know that they can be “independent to the point of ignoring you” (Rausch). If a person does not want some animal constantly begging for attention, then a cat would be perfect. To continue, some cats believe themselves to be the ruler of the house and their humans are their loyal subjects (Holmes). Like many rulers the cat will only want occasional contact with the dirty peasants, so a cat would not want to be petted very often. To conclude, occasionally cats will disappear to a hiding spot in their house and not reappear for hours (Johnson 49). If a human does not want to spend hours on end with their pet, then this would be perfect. For these reasons cats make the perfect pet for people who don’t want too much

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