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What the movie Freedom Writer tells people is, hurting someone else is unnecessary in most of the time. Freedom Writer is a story happened in 1990s’ United State. Gang issues were so serious in the school. The teenage gangsters in the movie always said: “I’ve got to protect my family, my friends, and what I love.” Then they just drove outside, and they took out their six shooter guns when they saw anyone came from the other gangs. How ridiculous it is! Because of the bullets which killed their friends or family members, the people who love the victims would set their feet on the road to revenge. Well, the will to protect something turns to hurt others. As we know, to solve a problem between two people, fighting sometimes can be effective but will never become the best way. It is clear to everyone that the fight doesn't stop the fight but makes the fight harder and crueler. In fact, trying to control one place forever with bullets and TNT is impossible in the real world. Chinese drove the Japanese intruders away in the last century. When you are playing the popular SEGA video game The Empire1, you conquer some land you should not have owned, then you will find out, the native people their will fight against you forever unless you makes them happy. The cheese and sweets work more than tanks and grenades. If people understand this one,…show more content…
When you face a scoundrel who is trying to waste you, you couldn’t just forgive him. In the 20th century, Japanese intruders launched offences to occupy China. Chinese fighters kept fighting. Finally we drove the Japanese devil away. At that time, it’s impossible to think about “forgive the Japan” to our Chinese. Even though we shouldn’t hurt others, sometimes you have to do it. Premier Mao always said: “We always keep smiling to who smile to us, but if someone try to do me bad, I’ll make him

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