Essay On School Days

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Today's school systems have many problems. If you have been in a school recently then you are aware of the problems that persist everyday. Now our president who we are supposed to trust wants to add two hours to each school day. All of the problems in our school systems will only be worsened by adding two hours to the students day. Contrary to somes beliefs adding two hours of school to students and faculties day will improve nothing because it will increase the number of dropouts by both teachers and students, family life will be broken down, and money to improve the school will diminish greatly. With school days being lengthened, more dropouts will occur, students will not want to be in school for two extra hours. Students already do not…show more content…
The schools will have to set aside more money per student, in that school, than they usually would have to. They will have to run their electric for two hours longer each day. Depending on whether or not the school gives free lunches, they will have to provide another meal more for each student. Each extra lunch will cost almost three dollars. On top of the lunch they already received earlier in the day. Another cost added to the school systems is supply costs. Supplies will become worn out more quickly because of frequent use. Books and computers will need to be bought more frequently to be efficient for the students. The cost put on the school and taxpayers in the district will not be cheap and have to increase. In conclusion, the American school systems need much improvement. Adding two hours more to a school day will only ruin chances of making the schools any better. Two hours extra a day will only cause more dropouts by both students and teachers, family life will be broken down, and money to improve the school will be greatly diminished. We need to fix the school systems in America. Students need better environments to learn and grow. If we leave schools the way they are and do not add two hours to each day they will not improve but they will certainly not get any
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