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In the Freedom Writers I saw the soft part of young gang members’ hearts. Being gang members, they still feel helpless. The problem of gang violence today is a worldwide problem that should solve carefully and urgently. Moreover, as the National Young Gang Survey Analysis says, there are more than two out of five gang members are juveniles. Freedom Writers focused on this global issue, described a true story about how a teacher changed her gang member students’ life. Can young gang members be changed? After watching this film, my answer is “Yes”. Although we should admit it that young gang .members will be terrible if they do not have a nice guide, but young gang members can still be changed because they do have a kind heart sometimes and…show more content…
In the movie, Eva sympathized with her classmate at the most critical point and stepped forward for her classmate, confessed the truth. It is often assumed that gang members’ keeping a dog is for protection and as a status symbol . But now a British study shows that, for young gang members, the primary reasons for having a dog are not relating to gang activities. The reason that the owners themselves claimed for wanting a dog were mostly for socializing with friends or simply for keeping them company. They love their dogs and never think of using them for the violence. In Freedom Writers, those young gang members remember every friend's name that was killed. It might be an incredible image that these melting acts were doing by these gang members, but if we calm down and watch them impartially, each one of them may have their own soft…show more content…
We should admit it that young gang members will be terrible if they do not have a nice guide. In the movie Freedom Writers, Parco, who never felt sorry for that Asia boy, shot a person with no hesitation. Many gangs use their gang members to collect drug proceeds, acquire or sell drugs, or do kidnappings, which is a menace to society . Some youth gangs destroy public environment by drawing graffiti and engaging in vandalism . It is normal if there is no one keeps telling them it is wrong and never gives up on them, nevertheless, they did not just suddenly become unrelenting the first time they got their initiation into the gang life. At the beginning Eva was just a girl dreaming about being a princess. After years of fighting, she could mercilessly beat her enemy. While in the meantime, she felt sad for Anne Frank, she still dares to oppugn what she had been told for thousands of times and said what she has to say. They are cruel, but it does not means they are unable to be

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