Stone Dreams Critical Analysis

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In Azerbaijani literature, there are lots of writers who criticizes the society, government and related sectors since Jalil Mammadguluzada’s Molla Nasraddin, but not all of them receiving the expected attention, both with regards to the change in the criticized aspects and the cause of disagreement. However, the novel of Akram Aylisli, Stone Dreams has reached to the extreme controversy because of its content, which illustrates revolutionary ideas for Azerbaijan. An article written by Mikail Mamedov, “The Stone Dreams scandal: the Nagorny Karabakh conflict and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations in contemporary literature” inspects the reasoning of events caused by the Stone Dreams and makes the contrast between the other pieces of literature. The critical analysis of Mamedov’s article exposes some arguments, which are not supported skillfully and which results in dissatisfaction of his idea that Stone Dreams is part of the minor literature.…show more content…
Deleuze gives an explanation of deterritorialization with the term; “impossibility of not writing” and it signifies that writing the ideas in a language that is both familiar and unfamiliar. According to the description of minor literature, the work that belongs to it should be consist of the political elements which have a collective value. Even though Mamedov’s interpretation of incidents produces the idea that Stone Dreams is related to both three characteristics of minor literature, there are a few arguments that does not display the strong advocacy of the

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