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Jeffrey Lyons, host of NBC’s Reel Talk, describes Richard LaGravenese’s 2007 film, Freedom Writers as “An inspiring, uplifting movie which pulls no punches.” The film begins with Eva reflecting on what an Aztec princess does to protect their own people which sets the stage for gang violence because Eva then goes into detail about what her father did to protect his gang family. The story is set in the urban area of Los Angeles. Only minutes into the movie the scene comes where Eva and her friend Paco come in contact with a rival gang and began to have a small shoot out. The movie freedom writers revolves around Erin Gruwell, a young inexperienced teacher, newly teaching at an urban school. The school has a very diverse cultural variety, with many different ethnic backgrounds. Erin Gruwell has strong confidence that the students she will be teaching are going to be hardworking and ambitious students but when given…show more content…
The first character being Erin Gruwell, she made the students want to work hard and envision a better life for themselves. Gruwell also taught the student not give up just because something is difficult or because something isn’t going their way. She helped them understand, that they are all equal and it isn’t right to judge someone just because they don’t look like you. Eva Benetez, she was able to see that protecting your “own” is not always the correct way to go about handling things. Sidney, her gang and Eva’s gang were rivals, she was able to bond with Eva once she was honest about her friend’s death. Marcus, went through the most starting at a young age, which made him want to be involved in gang related activities because his mother disowned him he had no one else to turn to. In the end, Marcus changed his way showing his mother he wanted to do the right things and be successful in

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