Examples Of Racism In The Movie Freedom Writers

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Throughout the movie freedom writers the racial tension proved how bad racism can be throughout our country. I’ve been a victim through racial profiling a few times in my life and felt as though I didn’t fit in. Racial profiling has been around for years and I felt as though it has not changed. Also some mornings when I watch the news there are always something about a racists situation people are angry about. Racism can be anywhere from schools to other public places. The most amazing thing that I’ve seen throughout the movie freedom writers is how one teacher brought the students together from different race groups to understand how hatred towards other races can affect people causing major problems in society. I believe that racism starts from the home and works its way up around peers and other people. Since…show more content…
When I was in 7th grade every day I would come home from school and my neighbor would always look at me with disgust. By him being white he thought by me being colored I should feel guilty about my skin color. Learning how people can be full of hatred is frightening to me. The best racial tension from the movie freedom writers was when Ava described her hatred towards white people. By Ava stating that she hates white people on site makes me believe that she grew up hating people that has nothing to do with her problems. Ava basically blamed people for her problems and mistakes she made. I think people realizes by blaming other groups of races for a lot of things wouldn’t get them nowhere in life. I like how the teacher connected their racial tension towards the holocaust. As the teacher explained what the holocaust is the students started to understand how racism and discrimination can be so negative and hateful. I think the movie freedom writers gave a message to every race that no race is better than the other and that we all should come

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