Mother Teresa Rural Hospital Analysis

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Mother Teresa Rural Hospital (MTH ) Filling the gaps of unequal healthcare Mother Teresa Hospital, situated amongst the beautiful and quiet villages of Devanahalli Taluk, is close to the hearts of people living in that area. . People here hesitate to go hospitals in Bangalore town, they get intimated by the complexity of the hospitals” says Dr. Luke. “Muithayamma, from Illthore who I had referred to a hospital in the city, came back and said, “I was lost inside the hospital, , trying to find a way to see a doctor, but I could not. So I came back… you treat me here, I do not want to go anywhere”. . With a minor surgery at MTH, Muithayamma is breathing a new life now” says a satisfied Dr Luke, with a vow to make a difference to many villagers. With poorly connected public transport the Centre caters ,; ence only the people in surrounding villages. Keeping this in mind, in one of our leaders meeting, we floated the idea of closing the center to move to a more central place. “This is our hospital; you can make another…show more content…
“Without my husband accompanying me, I am not allowed to go to the town hospital., says Mubeen Taj, while adjusting her burka. For her and her many friends, the CHC is a place where they can come without a male attendant for their r medical check-up. “They are comfortable in confiding personal issues with me. They come to discuss gynaecological problem like white discharge, family planning issues and tips to save their marriage too”, Dr. Ranjitha says. She particularly remembers Ajimathunissa a 45-year old lady, who kept her breast lump hidden for many months as she was embarrassed to share her problem. After many visits, she gained confidence and spoke to Dr. Ranjitha. “When I finally got to examine her, I knew that I was dealing with cancer, Dr. Ranjitha says. She underwent surgery and is keeping fine. Every month she pops into the centre to say

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