Discrimination In The Film 'The Freedom Writers'

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Discrimination has been one of the biggest problems faced in history. From generation to generation, this act has been passed on influencing younger and younger children everyday. The issues young teenagers face in the film, “The Freedom Writers,” comes from the discrimination based on race that was learned and taught to them growing up. Director of the film, Richard LaGravenese dives deep into the impact of discrimination and how it effects each and every one of the characters in the film. LaGravenese takes the audience on journey of emotions using his characters with issues people face in real life such as discrimination and racism, hope and inspiration, recognition and unity. By the end of the movie, we realize LaGravenese’s purpose is…show more content…
Racism is defined as negative behavior on an incorrect assumption that one race is inherently superior to others. This is one of the many forms of discrimination but in this film, the major form of discrimination faced is racism. Throughout the movie, there are many examples of discrimination against race specifically. Basically, the students in the film come from different cultures, and therefore, when they’re at school they create separate “tribes”. All of these "tribes" believe that their race is superior to other races, and if their race were the only ones that existed, life would be decent. Furthermore, the movie has been constructed in such a way that this community believes it is a racially accepted society. This is the major reason why the action of the students in this film was so demoralized based on all the segregation between them. From this, many problems lead violence and…show more content…
After one of Gruwell's students drew a racist drawing, a turning point occurred as Gruwell began to win her students' minds and hearts. Erin was completely outraged by the lack of respect she witnessed in that room. But in this moment, Gruwell opened up a whole new door for her students. Gradually, she started to teach their students about the Holocaust. She explained to them in every way how hatred and prejudice can end up with genocide. The interest every student in that room had towards this subject fascinated them. Furthermore, in this scene, we witness the hurt and despair the students are feeling when one of the character, Eva, opens up to the class. This is the moment you realize the impact of all this racism and violence outside the classroom is having inside the classroom. Erin begins to challenge her students, who value the gang-life over education, about their sense of respect and

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