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In the following essay I will be discussing and explaining the various aspects of my puppetry journey. This includes the style I have used, what and who influenced me and how I plan on using this puppet. I decided to go for the shadow puppetry method. As I have mentioned before, the style I have chosen to use is known as shadow puppetry (also referred to as shadow play). What exactly is shadow puppetry? In order for something to be considered a shadow play you only need about three things, namely a source of light, a form (can be a figure or your hand etc.) and a wall/screen/surface to project onto. If you are like me and try to make a dog or an ostrich with your hands every chance you get then you can say you have had experience in shadow puppetry. Not only is it one of the oldest forms of puppetry in the world (dates back to the 800s) it is also a unique form of storytelling. It is thought that it came to be over a thousand years ago in China or India and then spread to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Thailand and Cambodia. Before the age of movies and series shadow puppetry was the best way to entertain and educate people. It was considered…show more content…
The fact that the images were just silhouettes gave my colourful imagination the chance to paint them any way I wanted to. I cannot remember the exact show I watched but I do remember the feeling it left me with. I hope I can achieve the same wonder with my puppets. A court poet during the reign of King Airlangga (1035–1049) wrote: “There are people who weep, are sad and aroused watching the puppets, though they know they are merely carved pieces of leather manipulated and made to speak. These people are like men who, thirsting for sensuous pleasures, live in a world of illusion; they do not realize the magic hallucinations they see are not real.” (Oregon Shadow Theatre,

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