Fighting Against Bribery

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Justice and fairness Many students work hard for their good grades in exams where as there are some students that bribe the teachers to get good grades in exams the one student working hard for his future is deprived of his rights and it is unfair and unjust to him that his hard work goes in vain . Care The highly renowned official’s paying for their child’s exams are doing no good to him instead the students future is being destroyed by such acts .He doesn’t work hard because he knows that his problems would be solved through false means. The teacher’s duty is also not being full filled as it’s his social, moral and Islamic duty to honestly teach the children without any partial behavior by this kind of favoritism and making the students to pay money for their examination to get good grades is highly unethical and is playing with the future of children. Utilitarianism The student works very hard to get good grades in exams. They spend day and night just studying to get good grades. In short term he is facing many problems and he may not get…show more content…
Fighting against bribery would be a top priority for the government as it is destroying the future of students. Bribery in education is leading to a devastating condition that includes unqualified teachers playing with the future of the students and youth of state, plus the low quality education is being delivered to the students, excessive bureaucratic burdens and the mismanagement of the educational funds. In addition to this it is immensely damaging the behavior and opinion of students towards the education system and the brick wall of students towards the welfare of state. They are lagging the basic moral values and perspective towards life. Exams that are designed to asses’ student’s ability and performance are used as a tool for teachers and students for their personal ends at the expense of a standard

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