Funnel Model In The Marketing Process

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Funnel model or in another term purchasing funnel is use to describe the theoretical customer journey from the beginning of first contact with your brand to purchasing your product. This type of model is important in marketing because it help you to understand the method and keep track of the average of the customers throughout their process. The reasons of using this type of model is to plan their marketing strategies, to develop sales process and to manage the customer relationship management. • Awareness – The customer know that the product exists and the use of it. • Interest – The customer show interest in the product and its use. • Desire – The need to have a particular product. • Purchase – Buying the chosen product or goods.…show more content…
Build trust relationship with the customer. Get to know their needs and wants. The 2 example of the associated cost are Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Retention Cost. Customer Acquisition Cost are cost that involve in the need for the customer to buy the good or product and the services provided. It is queried by the organization for potential customer, so that the customer can our services and convenience by it. Also including the cost for the research of the product, the marketing of product and the product accessibility cost. It’s also necessary in business metric. Customer Acquisition play important role for calculating the number of customer for the company and the outcome of the investment, which help the company to determine it resources and profit it gain from the customers. The second example for associated cost are Customer Retention Cost, Customer Retention Cost is the cost of keeping a presence customer to buy goods or product. To calculate retention cost is hard, the figure can be calculated by using the total of the duration mitigated by retention expenses, churn, acquisition costs and general. Customer retention directly affects. High retention costs lower bound and profits since each purchase is actually worth lower…show more content…
Also by using Customer Relationship Management it help us to gain back our former customer. It usually involve in with technology to help organizing the business and to systemize the sales, marketing, customer service and the technical support. The benefit of using Customer Relationship Management in EPO is better within communication. It help the company to build their communication skills and interaction. Shortened the marketing established, better communication channel for example websites it makes easy for the company and sales representative. Customer Relationship Management also provide the customer option either related or approach. More customer and profit, they help to identify the company potential customer as it track the potential customer the company can produce more strategies on how to obtain more potential customer. Better customer services provides, Customer Relationship management give the ability to personalize and customized their connection with customer. Also by using customer relationship management they can provide better recommendations to customer based on what have purchase before and also by using customer relationship management they can show use their new products and their information base on our interest and

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