Fight Against Corruption: Role Of Youth

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Dixon Dominic Palett M-14-04 1 "Fight against Corruption: Role of Youth" Corruption in developing countries like India continues to be one of the greatest factors of poverty, development and internecine conflicts. Most of the developing countries continue to grapple with the ever changing trends in global politics, economic and technological advancements having little or nothing to do due to the debilitating effects of corruption on their very existence. Corruption exists in various forms such as bribery, systemic corruption, discretion, favouritism & Nepotism, deceitful, bureaucratic, electoral, sexual etc. Causes of corruption are usually a mix of greed, poverty, poor remuneration, unemployment, high cost of living, poor…show more content…
Leaders of youth organizations and groups should identify other youngsters in leadership and initiate regular forums to meet and discuss matters like their role in leadership in the nation and good governance. More young people are likely to be influenced positively as their fellow youth act as ambassadors of good governance. They should publish articles against corruption to the media encouraging others and thereby building the concept of social hate towards the corrupted people in society. Innovative anti-corruption campaigns such as thematic essay competitions targeting the youth at different levels on corruption would also help in stirring up and internalizing ideas on how to deal with corruption. It would generate great interest in the subject of corruption. An annual awards event with wide media coverage may also be held to allow youth to nominate persons or institutions that they perceive as the least or most corrupt for awards. This is likely to boost the fight against corruption by revealing public perception. It is imperative that youth organizations participate in initiatives that involve the reform of the criminal justice system and establishment of national legal aid…show more content…
They should try to influence corrupt personal by making them understand the seriousness of the matter. Youth should report all incidents of corruption along with precise and necessary information whenever possible. Be yourself and encourage others to be a whistle-blower with a note on own personal security since retaliation from the corrupt involved are likely. They should be willing and available to assist in investigations by providing evidence to help ensure appropriate legal action. Educate others on the dangers of corruption and ways to curb it. Actively participate in initiatives to reform policies and laws on corruption and advocate campaigns against corruption. They should elect persons of integrity into positions of leadership. Ensure that the person selected is of noble character with the moral authority to act in that position. Sponsor anti-corruption initiatives if possible. Youth should strictly refuse to participate in corrupt transactions. They should advocate simplification of public procedures and streamline information flows with transparency along with proactive use of social and other local media.. The involvement of youth in the fight against corruption is likely to bring in new and fresh ideas that can replace older and out-of-date policies. It will also combine the high energy level from young people with the professional skills and experience from the

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