Theories Of Accountancy

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Classifying, recording, and reporting of financial transactions for a business are some of the practices of the Accountancy. Managements are given with useful informations and reactions based on the financial outcomes and status of an organization. Accountants are significant part of all businesses. Accountants analyze and provide trustworthy information about financial records. This could involve them in a taxation, financial reporting, forensic accounting, auditing, business recovery, corporate finance and insolvency, or accounting systems and processes. An accountancy student has to learn how to deal with the different factors that they will face. School, colleges and universities are incomplete and useless without students. Students are…show more content…
Richard Lazarus described stress as a two-way process which involves the existence of stressors caused by the individual's environment and the actions of the individual as a response to these stressors. The theory of cognitive apprasial involves two factors: (1) primary appraisal which is the possible negative effects of stress to the individual and (2) secondary appraisal which states the strategies an individual make to lessen the stressors or alleviate the stress they cause. The primary cognitive appraisal is used to categorize a situation as threat, challenge or a harm-loss. When an individual see a situation as a threat, the individual think of it as something that can cause harm in the future. Meanwhile, when an individual sees it as a challenge, it gives the individual a positive view that the situation can even give a better opportunity. Secondary appraisal occurs at the same time as the primary appraisal does. Secondary appraisal includes the emotions an individual produces as a response to the stressor or the stress it causes. The secondary appraisal may either be a positive approach to the stressor such as having motivation and being optimistic or a negative approach such as low self-esteem and giving up (Sincero,…show more content…
This theory revolves around the emotions like enjoyment and anxiety which may be felt by an individual during attainment of achievement related to certain activities. Pekrun's theory is composed of two components: (1) how much value the students give to what they're doing and (2) how much control the students believe that they have towards a task. If the students value what they do so much and believe that they have a supreme control towards the task, they would enjoy the given task. Meanwhile, if student only have a high value on the task with no control, they would experience anxiety (Pekrun,

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