Language Barriers In Education

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2.1 According to Prem Naidoo of the Higher Education Quality Committee "We are falling short in terms of national benchmarks for intake and, more particularly, for successful graduation" (November 29 2005) Zola Vakalisa, a professor of curriculum studies at the University of South Africa, said students often dropped out of studies because of language barriers. "Many students can hardly construct a paragraph, so there are extreme language barriers. Students struggle while reading library books because that language (English) is way beyond them. It is heart-wrenching to see what some of my students write.” (November 29 2005) Therefore looking at the evidence provided above it is a valid point to say students drop out of tertiary institutions because they are possibly not taught at a standard in high school good enough to prepare them for university and cannot cope therefore fail and drop out because they are unable to pass. Students also fall to the language barriers in…show more content…
More and more in economy we see machines taking the place of manual labour. • Business failure to make a profit- Ineffective management or under skilled/ demotivated employees can reduce productivity and this can increase financial losses and affect the businesses profit and ability to provide salaries. (2) 2.3 The reasons for poverty are all linked in a cycle known as The Poverty Cycle. Clearly explained by A. Pinnock, J. Strydom & A. Viljoen (2012, p.36) each aspect of the cycle has a chain reaction leading to the next one and all result in poverty. Three aspects of the poverty cycle: • Economic decline: an economic decline is a weakening economy, or the loss of wealth in a country. It affects all businesses and has a chain reaction that eventually affects the personal income of individuals. Low personal income results in a decrease in funds for food or education and this can lead to

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