Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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“Since I started rolling my dad's tube sock, shooting an imaginary shot against a wall; I cannot recall a day in my life when I have not heard a sound of a bouncing ball; grew up eating and breathing basketball. Thenceforward, my heart fell in love with the winning, the competition, and the adrenaline of the game of basketball. I knew one thing was concrete; I fell in love with you and deeply attracted to you.” I said confidently. “It was reminiscing when I was young; I was strolling around the Smith Park with a ball in my hand, and wearing a gold/purple Kobe Bryant jersey until I espied a compelling man competing in basketball, and air walk slam dunking on the basketball court. ‘Wow,’ I said with astonishment while watching him dunking.…show more content…
‘Hey, I'm glad to meet you,’ I said. ‘I've seen your dunks Mr. Payton; it was stupendous! May you teach me? I want to be proficient like you and become an NBA player!’ I said eagerly. He gazed at me mockingly. ‘Nah,’ he replied. ‘It's too bad for you, forget about it little chicken, you can't be as good as I am, and wake up from the dream little kid. You'll always be a loser,’ He said, and derided at me, regardless of my feelings. I had lost all my hope and expectation of him. After the incident, I sprinted back to my house and back into my room. I sat down beside my ball, then a teardrop rolled by my cheek. ‘Is this a nightmare?’ I said with a tearful face. Suddenly, I felt like something was rolling nearby me and it was a ball; the ball that I gave all my love, my soul, and all my hustle; I spent all day long on the court shooting and dribbling with; as well, I ran up and down every court after every loose ball and never let it go. ‘Without you, I can’t survive,’ I calmly said while falling into a dreamy sleep with embracing the ball. Since then, I had determined my dream that I will be in the NBA and prove Mr. Payton that I can be more competent, more athletic, and eligible to be in the NBA…show more content…
You are such an imaginary kid. You are not even in the NBA,’ Coach Jack said with a huge smile. Suddenly, a group of boys showed up wearing baggy pants and dark hoodies. ‘Do not be like them,’ Coach looked towards the hoodlums and whispered towards me. The group of boys looked throughout the restaurant, with furious intent in their eyes; a shiny gleam peered out of the side pocket of one of the boys, but before I could comprehend what just happened. A member of the group brought in his gun out and aimed at his enemies that were dining on the left side of my table, the gun noise created a riot in the restaurant; the bullet refracted and changed the direction towards me but the last second. Coach Jack jumped into the air and shielded my body from that lethal bullet. Afterward, I fell unconscious together with the Coach's body on the shiny ceramic tile floor. The tragedy slew fifteen clients. Nevertheless, the tragedy murdered the most significant person in my entire life. After I gained consciousness and perceived the Coach's death. Instead of falling into deep sorrow, I kept training harder and getting better for Coach Jack, who selflessly protected me from death and the speech that always constantly reminded me of him. ‘Come on Kevin, let’s get to work.’ I gave everything I had with the game of basketball. I played through countless injuries that nothing would stop me from fulfilling Coach Jack’s ideal and purposes. Finally, I would like to appreciate Coach Jack for my

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