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Her vigor, vitality and authority as a public official is not founded on deception, corruption, selfishness and vain glory. Strong of will and true to honor, Sen. Miriam attracts respect and commends obedience and embark on a continuous search for principles not to stop at every milestone. She has a high record of educational attainment and her numerous accomplishments manifest her sensational intelligence, fierce temper and sharp tongue. She received magna cum laude in Bachelor of Arts and earned Bachelor of Laws, cum laude from the University of the Philippines. Sen. Santiago studied in different universities abroad for her post studies where she earned the graduate degrees of Master of Laws and Doctor of Juridical Science from the University of Michigan. She has also went to Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University. Dr. Santiago is acknowledged for her remarkable record of excellence in all the three branches of the…show more content…
Miriam wants a “clean, courageous government, a government of, by and for academic excellence”. This witty, tough-talking “Iron Lady” of the Philippines has chosen her path to Malacañang Palace in 2016. Our government stands at a crucial point wherein the lure of the modern world threatens to slowly destroy us by making human weakness its enthusiastic accomplice. Sen. Miriam on this discipline aspires to continue inspiring the Filipino people. Though she was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4, her signature and bravery matters. She fought back and her cancer has regressed. Even the cancer cells are afraid of her! Her platform of government deals on efficiency issues particularly programs that focus on poverty alleviation followed by her plans to only hire “the best and most competent” if elected. To restore meritocracy by putting the most honest men and women to help her run her administration, is always her

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