Jeane D Arc Fraud Essay

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The Fraud Execution of Jeanne d’Arc Did Jeanne d’Arc deserve the brutal condemnation that destroyed her life? Joan of Arc was the peasant girl living in France; she believed God chose her to lead France to victory over the English during their long-running war. Joan had no military experience, but she convinced Charles of Valois to allow her to lead the army of France to besiege the city of Orleans. Only her faith kept her going when she was captured by Anglo-Burgundian forces after King Charles VII’s coronation. The English tried Joan for heresy and witchcraft at Rouen. Finally after a year of imprisonment, Joan was sentenced to burn at the stake in 1431 at the young age of 19. When Pope Benedict XV announced Joan of Arc, her long unsettling sleep was finally restored into what she worked for: a servant of God. The Forces Charles VII became a part of the dauphin at age 14, after his brother died in April 1417. John the Fearless, duke of Burgundy. On May 29, 1418, the Burgundians…show more content…
¬¬– King of England, if you do not do these things, I am the commander of the military; and in whatever place I shall find your men in France, I will make them flee the country, whether they wish to or not; and if they will not obey, the Maid will have them all killed. With her special heavenly sword from church Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois in hand, Joan set off on May 4, 1429 to attack the fortress of Saint Loup; and the next day captured fortress Les Tourelles too. The young leader of 17 years recovered Jarqeau, Meung-sur-Loire, and Beugency who later helped the dauphin to Rheims. While in battle, Joan received a wound from an arrow above her right breast during the assault. Joan of Arc won her greatest military victory at Patay on June 18, 1429. Her army executed 2,000 English forces with almost no

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