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Attributes of Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership is in its optimal aspect able to produce valuable and positive change within the nurses which is important in transforming them into future nurse leaders. As aforementioned, transformational leadership when embedded within a leader helps in enhancing the performance, motivation, and morale of the subordinates using different techniques. Due to the challenging and rapidly-changing nursing work environment, nurses require motivation to improve their performance towards enhancing positive patient outcomes ( Ross, Fitzpatrick, Click, Krouse, & Clavelle, 2014) . In this light, transformational leadership promotes a good work-life balance among nurses by connecting their identity…show more content…
This includes providing recognition and support, having high expectations, encouraging others positively, visionary, setting clear goals, effective communication skills, and model of fairness and integrity. These attributes are important in the nursing profession as they help the nurse leader to positively influence the performance of the subordinates towards becoming future leaders by involving them in decision making ( Ross, Fitzpatrick, Click, Krouse, & Clavelle, 2014) . For instance, a transformational nurse leader is likely to allow charge nurses or patient care coordinators (PCCs) to reschedule the staff. Other than offering the subordinates tasks that would optimize their productivity and performances at work, they also ask questions, give suggestions, offer information, and provide constructive criticism. Most importantly, the leadership approach helps in creating a good professional interaction in the nursing environment between the nurse leaders and the subordinates which ultimately improves performance and enhances positive patient…show more content…
Openness is also a fundamental aspect of transformational leadership and is fundamental in confronting the real issues that arise in the nursing practice and work environment. The contribution of each nurse in the work environment is held at optimal value and is highly appreciated by transformational leaders ( Lin, MacLennan, Hunt, & Cox, 2015) . One of the greatest importance of transformational leadership approach in the future of the nursing profession is that nurses work as a team and the approach encourages teamwork. The success of the nursing profession is based on working as a team towards achieving a collective goal. In this light, transformational leadership helps to transform every nurse into becoming an effective team player since their need each other to perform better, improve patient outcomes, get better patient satisfaction, reduce nurse turnover, and get higher job

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