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John Quincy Adams (as cited by Lutrell, 2011) once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. Being a great leader means being open to exploring new ideas, training others, and behaving in a manner that motivates others. A true leader understands that it’s not always about telling people what to do, but working with those individuals to accomplish these goals. It also means recognizing those individuals who go the extra mile. Some of the most common styles of leadership include: shared, adaptive, and transformational. Caroline Gulbrandsen (2018) writes “transformational leaders seek change. Where adaptive and shared leadership approaches are often reactions to challenges, transformational leaders are proactive in seeking out challenges and thrive on changing what may be outdated, redundant, or inefficient”. I've been fortunate to see different types of leadership in my work and personal life. I can remember working for an organization where individuals were promoted because of their personal relationships to the administrators in charge. A counselor was promoted to Associate Director of Admissions even while having issues with time and attendance. As a person in that position, it would be of great importance for me to correct this habit because I would…show more content…
20). Transformational leadership definitely fits me the most. I understand that being able to easily adapt is important and I can do that too, but for me transformational suits me best. I would be a transformational leader because I am the type who prefers to work at my own pace with the understanding of the deadline. By allowing others to do the same, it shows that I trust them. This provides for a better work

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