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Today we will be talking about children’s role in culture diversity. I will be asking you about how a child develops early temperament on gender, race, and social class and what kind of expectations holds a multicultural perspective in local kindergarten settings. Welcome Ms. Fung. Let’s get started. Interviewer: What (do you think) is cultural diversity for children in early years? Interviewee: I believe young children in Hong Kong (HK) are being raised with many sources of culture diversity. It is an international city with multi-backgrounds. Kindergartens (here) give play materials, books and other resources to offer children in a constructive way by reflecting on how they learn about culture and cultural identity. There is always some…show more content…
Parents' social class has a greater impact on how well their children perform at school than "good parenting" techniques such as reading bedtime stories. I feel that as early as a child is raised in a proper environment he/she will be able to sustain their relationship with parents. In some cases; I should mention thoroughly that some children from mix family have different beliefs, clothing sense and traditional festivals. Which somehow struggles in being in an equal state but I have said before “good parenting” can change child’s lifestyle when parents equally participate and give quality time to their children. Interviewer: What are your expectations from kindergartens towards promoting multicultural experience for children? Interviewee: I expect kindergartens to be more open to different types of families. I would most certainly want introduction and group conversation with new people. This will benefit me and my children as well and of course the community, too. To mention about mutual respect for diversity, I believe teachers can ask parents advice in being open to different ideas and approaches and appreciating the enrichment it can provide. This will ensure educators to be aware of cultural differences in parenting; sensitive to the issues faced by families as this can supports good relationships with families. Interviewer: What

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