Transformational Leadership Case Study

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Transformational Leadership Behaviors Jamie L. Tonkin Wilmington University, Organizational Behavior and Ethical Leadership MBA 6000 Transformational Leadership Behaviors What makes an effective leader and what purpose does leadership serve in an organization? Leadership is an individual who can rally up a group within an organization to achieve a common goal (Kinicki,2018). An effective leader must possess several qualities to be effective within an organization. They must respect their employees; to gain respect, the leader must respect their team. The leader needs to be generous with their resources. Generosity is an essential trait for a great leader. A leader needs to establish trust within the team and the clients.…show more content…
“The intellectual stimulation component of transformational leadership is more task oriented” (Kinicki,2018). One of the questions in the survey asked, “how did you monitor the performance of employees?” She replied, “It is very important to have clearly stated objectives with effective measurements. Then you can effectively evaluate each team member” (April W., survey, January 26, 2018). April also stated in the survey that policies and procedures are an essential part of an organization. It is critical for all employees to understand why following the policies and procedures are necessary to grow and achieve organizational goals. She leads by example and strives to have positive communication with everyone to make sure that key organizational information is passed on to everyone. These traits display an intellectual stimulation approach of transformational…show more content…
“Inspiration motivation includes the use of charisma, relies on an attractive vision of the future, emotional arguments, and demonstrated optimism and enthusiasm” (Kinicki,2018). Recently I was speaking to one of Cheryl’s staff members. They told me Cheryl loves it when she hears her team laughing from her office. This proves to Cheryl that her staff is having fun and want to come to work. Cheryl described her leadership style as leading by example, she would never ask her staff to do something she wouldn’t do herself. She was asked how she motivates her staff. She claimed, although difficult at times, she maintains an optimistic attitude. Cheryl is motivated daily by her team and emphasized several times in her survey that she leads by example. She is enthusiastic and enjoys helping people all of which fall into an inspirational motivation leadership

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