Theories Of Transformational Leadership

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Q1.The transactional leadership is a process of managing and directing followers, it focus on supervision and group performance, the leaders who use this leadership type focus on important tasks and they also use rewards and punishments to motivate the employees to work hard and to avoid any mistake or lack of performance in the company or organization. The main presumptions in the transactional leadership are: 1- The employees can give their best performance when the net of command is clear. 2- Punishments and rewards motivate workers to work hard. 3- The main goal or target of the followers is to obey the leaders or managers orders or commands. The theory of transactional leadership believe that the managers or leaders who use this type…show more content…
2- He must motivate the employees or the followers. 3- Set a good vision for the future. There are four contents of transformational leadership: 1- Transformational leadership encourages the creativity of the followers. 2- Transformational leadership gives the support and the encouragement to the employees. 3- Transformational leadership has a clear vision that will make the followers or employees work in an efficient way. 4- Transformational leadership gives the followers a good example of a leader to create the trust and respect between the leader and the followers. The researchers found that this type of leadership can have a positive and encouraging effect on the group work and performances there are many famous leaders that used this type of leadership like: franklin Roosevelt, martin Luther king, nelson…show more content…
Women have the best traits to face the problems, they have the power to motivate and encourage the employees or the followers, the women can develop and improve the ability of the employees or the followers to work hard, women can set a very good strategy plans to achieve the expected results in the future and to accomplish the missions in a good way, women who have a strong personality or a strong problem solving skills they can be a good leaders and do a lot of motivation speeches, in the second world war the woman play a huge role with this war by trying to support men and also the woman enter the health sector to help the injured soldiers to recover and heal, now a day’s women can enter the political field with a strong determination to change some political rules or to help the people in any country to get the demands they wish for , like the women who nominate themselves for a political positions like Angela Merkel the prime minister of Germany or the president of Argentina Christina Fernandez these women work hard to reach this places by working hard and by being patient with facing the problems or the challenges, now a days women can compete with men to raise the soul of working of the employees of a company or a followers , women can treat the employees with the best treatment way they ever wish for because women leaders treat them like their sons or daughters, in the united states there are around three hundred women joined the united states senators since 1965,

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